Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Cardinal, Ordinal, Nominal and the list goes on...

I am pretty excited and looking forward in attending this module. As i myself is weak in math, I have the urge to learn whatever concepts is being taught and transfer the best information to children under my care. I must say i have enjoyed the first math lesson! I realised there are different methods to solve a problem instead of just one solution to a problem.

I am overwhelmed by the number of mathematical terms we used in math. Cardinal, Ordinal, Nominal, Rational, Irrational. All the "nal". Pretty confusing isn't it?

Basically Cardinal answer the question "How many?", Ordinal tells the "Position" of something in a list and Nominal is a number used to identify something or as a "Name".
Here's what I figured on how we can remember these mathematical terms:
  • Cardinal is Counting
  • Ordinal is what Orders things are in
  • Nominal is a Name


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